A question I get asked all the time is why should I use a graphic designer over doing it myself, and one of the answers to that question is a professional designer can keep your branding consistent across platforms. I explain below the benefits of this:

  • Your audience WILL notice if your branding is inconsistent.
  • Keeping your branding, brand name and logo consistent across platforms helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), making your brand more visible to your audience.
  • Brand messaging and tone of voice are key factors in how your audience sees your brand, making purchasing decisions often directly from advertising or posts on social media, where your customer’s perception of a brand is key to interaction and ultimately traffic to your website, or whatever other hook you use to get customers.
  • Consistent branding can help your business look more “legit” to your audience, whether you’re at the start of your business (I.E a startup) or are a more established business, brand consistency can help create a sense of trust and loyalty towards your brand for your customers.
  • Keeping placement of your logo and the usage of brand elements the same across platforms using brand guidelines or style guides can help marketing teams create consistent content.

If after reading this, you are thinking that you might need someone to take a look at your brand, Get in touch today to find out how we can help!