There are a lot of services out there where you can make your own logo for free or for little cost, however the question I often get asked is “why should I use you when I can do it for free online?” Here’s the 5 reasons why you should think about using a professional graphic design studio or designer to make your logo;

Designers create original artwork, tailored to your business

Free services such as Canva or Vistaprint use templates, meaning your logo is not unique to your business, and has very limited customisation options once you’ve settled on a template you like, a designer will involve you throughout the process, producing original artwork specific to your business.

Professional logo design can save you time and money in the long run

Using a professional who knows what they’re doing can save you time and money in the long run, as you will more than likely want to come back to your logo and make it look better, costing you more time and money printing your new logo on letterheads, clothing etc. It’s better to start with a brand you love than one you made just to start your business.

Designers can help you stand out against a crowded marketplace

With the large number of competitors in every business market out there, you will find that you want to be able to stand out from the crowd in order to attract a loyal customer base. Having a logo which has been created using an online service such as Canva can mean you don’t stand out among stronger, more established brands, who have had their branding made professionally.

Your brand will stay consistent across platforms

As discussed in a previous post, brand consistency is key to gaining and retaining customers, and a free logo service online won’t be able to make consistent brand elements, typefaces or colours for you, it will almost always (for free anyway) give you a logo you can use and that’s it, meaning you don’t have a brand, you have a logo. A designer can help you stay consistent with your branding by providing type files, specific colours and a set of brand guidelines, which explain how to keep your brand consistent.

Designers can produce high quality, print-ready files for you

Free services often just give you a logo created for use on the web (72pixels per inch), rather than a logo you can use for print, for clothing and on the web (300 pixels per inch), as well as not giving you high quality design files (be that .EPS or .AI files) that a printers or another designer would need to get the quality your business deserves. You can often pay a fee for the privilege of having these files, but often you will need to pay more at a printer’s (for example InstantPrint or VistaPrint) or at a clothing printer to have these in the correct colour format, the right size or set to the best quality. A designer will usually provide high quality, ready to print files at the correct size for whatever application you need, be it business cards, clothing or a billboard, saving you the time and hassle of getting a logo remade to be high quality enough to print.

If you have a logo made using an online service and want to see how we could do it better, get in touch today for a free consultation!