As part of the bookmaking project brief set at university, I had to produce an experimental ‘book’ which explored the theme, which was a singular word, ‘offset’. After this was produced, I had to produce a traditional style book using the same theme and taking a key element from the first book. The main aim of this project was “to help you identify and develop your own personal, creative visual  language through a broadening of your knowledge of creative bookmaking.”
For the first of the two, the more experimental one, I produced self portrait photography using double exposure techniques. The images were a way of expressing that I feel like I am “offset” from society because of low self esteem from being bullied in school and having a disability. The photographs were shown in a series of fold up ‘boxes’ which had tiny books inside them. The photographs had things that I hate about myself on them, in order to show the bullying and low self esteem I have constantly. I think this outcome was very successful in that it explains a lot about me, and meets the brief of being experimental and matches the word offset through the use of double exposure photography. The second, more traditional book used photography as the main content. The book was based around things that I hide from, or things that I don’t like doing, for example the washing up, the washing, changes to a routine, etc. The style of photography was made to be broken up in the style of David Hockney, in order to further meet the ‘offset’ brief. 

Front cover

Fold out 'book' which goes inside the boxes.

All 3 boxes of the first 'book'

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