This company approached me when they needed a new brand to run a coffee stool in one of Salford's busiest train stations. With around 2,000 people per day using the station, a catchy logo and branding for the stool was key. The idea for the branding came from the yellow taxi signs in New York, as these are recognisable, even in a crowd of people. The coffee pattern was used across the branding, with the yellow and brown becoming the brand's colours. The colours and branding were used on coffee cups, clothing for the staff, and packs of coffee which were also being sold on the stool. 
The company has since expanded to 3 members of staff and the brand is seen by around 6,000 people a week.


Packaging for coffee beans the company sells in addition to takeaway drinks and food

Stationary using the pattern in the background.

Branding applied to a coffee cup.

Branding applied to clothing

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