For this competition brief, we were tasked with producing a product to sell in the Leicester Print Workshop shop. It needed to have letterpress print in it somewhere, and had to promote something either about Leicester or something about the print workshop itself. 
I started by looking at the building that the print workshop is in, and found out that it used to be a glass warehouse. This got me thinking about other buildings that used to be used as something else around Leicester. I did a lot of research into the buildings around Leicester which used to be used for manufacturing or as warehouses, for example the Athena building in the cultural quarter, just down the road from LPW, which was originally built for use as an Odeon cinema. 
After finding out important information about these buildings such as the date they were built and the previous uses, I took photographs using a black and white film camera to get the authentic 'old' look to them. I then printed the names of the places and the dates they were built using the letterpress at LPW. I created a pack of postcards and a series of three posters to sell in the shop.
Although I didn't win the competition, I had a very good time printing and my posters and postcards are going to be on exhibition at LPW at the end of June 2018. 
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