As part of the Personal Professional Practice module at University, I had to create a brand for myself. I have been doing freelance design since I was 17 under the name Press A Design, so this was more of a rebranding project for me, which, as you can see from my work, I love doing for other people. Although this was a branding project, I actually found it quite hard overall, as I think choosing your best work out of everything you have ever done, and finding a name you like is the hardest parts. 
I decided to not use my name in my branding as if you search for my last name, Bond, you can kind of guess what it comes up with... After a lot of different names, I decided on Kern & Bond, a pun based on my name, with Kern meaning the space between letters in the design industry.
For my logo, I went with a typeface which looks modern and clean, with a slight edge with the angular corners of the type. I then played with iconography to go with this typeface and settled on the hexagon, which is used throughout my branding. 
For the portfolio, I decided to go with something a bit 'out there' and get my own newspaper printed. This is because I love the feeling of holding something physical like a book or newspaper in these days of digital everything. I designed the portfolio to be simplistic with a set grid, and have pictures of my work as the main focal point, with the body text taking a back seat. The reception of this has been great so far.
With everything else, the business card, letterhead, CV and website, I went with a clean look which used the multicoloured hexagons subtly throughout to keep the coherence with the branding. 

Animated logo


Business cards



Rubber stamp

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