Pimpin’ Pancakes is a brand that I have worked with since initial conception of the business in 2012. They came to me in early 2018 to discuss a rebrand to change them from a vegan and standard pancake company to one which is vegan only. 
During the initial discussions the client said that they didn’t want the logo to be green and brown like most vegan companies, as this would make them blend in when they go to vegan festivals. So I came up with several ideas, and this is the end result. 
The red and white colours span from their best selling pancake toppings, strawberries and (vegan) cream.This branding was applied across many touch-points, from stationary and business cards to outdoor and indoor banners and applied to their hut for outdoor festivals.
The next stage of this business is a brick and mortar store, so this was a consideration when designing the logo. The store is to open in late 2019. 
The update to their branding has helped them secure a place in a busy and growing vegan market, and to stand out from the crowd at festivals and indoor events.

Full Pimpin' Pancakes logo. The leaf logo can be used for small placement, such as social media icons and can become a recognisable symbol for future branding implementations, such as a sign outside a brick and mortar shop.

Reusable packaging mockup, the print would be printed using plant based ink onto recycled cardboard, this would be used as a way for customers to carry their hot pancake at indoor and outdoor events. It also serves as advertising for the brand when people see other customers carrying a pancake and see the branding on the packaging.

Business cards, which also combine as loyalty cards. Printed on sustainable or recycled card and use plant based inks. 

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