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Bump & Family is a new brand created under the Visit from the Stork CIC umbrella. It is a platform for digital resources aimed at young parents, with the aim to help them while they are pregnant, during and after the birth, and help with things such as breastfeeding, mental health issues, relationships or post-natal depression among others.

 The brand aimed to be friendly and inviting to new users of the service, with the aim in the future to make it a recognisable brand for young parents to turn to for advice and support.

The expansion of the brand from a physical magazine, to online magazine, to online resource, has followed the trend of the advertising and online platform spaces, so the client wanted the branding to look fresh and new whilst still remaining recognisable to their current audience. 

 Bump & Family was launched on social media with an introduction animation which was seen by 20,000 users. The audience loved the launch, and the current website has seen an increase in traffic by around 3,000 users a day since.

bump and family logo
Bump and family stationery

Selected Work

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All images Copyright Kern & Bond 2019

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