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Express Yourself Arts (EYA) started in October 2020 as a joint project between Soft Touch Arts, Pedestrian and Music HQ, three arts organisations based in Leicester. EYA is a youth leadership group with the aim to bring together youth leaders from the three organisations involved and give them training and opportunities to become youth workers, teaching music and arts skills to young people who are vulnerable or come from an underprivileged backgrounds.

EYA are planning to produce a series of arts workshops based around music and the arts, the first with the aim of teaching young people the entire process of creating a song or songs, from idea and creation to mixing, mastering and marketing, as well as live performance.

The main aim of our workshops is to provide life experience as well as arts based skills. The young leaders who run EYA have a high level of expertise in fields such as music production, lyric-writing, mixing and mastering, DJing and graphic design.

The brief for the branding for this project was to create a brand which is recognisable to young people but professional enough to be serious to funders. The idea of the lightbulb came from the idea that we wanted the young people to leave the workshops full of inspiration and feeling like they could take on the world. The brand is due to launch on social media in late May 2021 with an aim to run workshops from mid June 2021.


Selected Work

Be Open On Breastfeeding SalfordSocial media, Website, Illustration, Print

Katchee GiftsBranding, social media, advertising

That Toy ThingBranding, print, social media

Charlie BrodieBranding, print, social media

Visit From The Stork CICBranding, print, social media

Bump & FamilyBranding

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