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Katchee Gifts is the new name for my gift selling business. I started selling handmade items under my name in May 2020 during the first COVID-19 lockdown. I sell stickers, greeting’s cards, prints, badges and clothing. As someone who identifies as Bisexual, I create many of these items aimed at the LGBTQ+ audience, but also sell motivational prints, funny badges and humorous greetings card’s aimed at everyone. I started selling through Etsy at first and then created my own E commerce website using woocommerce later on in 2020. 

I came up with the name Katchee during a late night brainstorm session with my friend Harriet. I was looking to use something other than my name (Kieran Bond) because as you can imagine the last name Bond is a nightmare for SEO and I wanted something that felt like a brand rather than an individual seller so that I can expand in the future. The name Katchee came from a combination of the first initial of my name and the word catchy. (I want my items to be catchy, get it ha)

I wanted the branding to be bold and make a statement, be colourful and have subtle references to the LGBTQ+ community with the rainbow colours in the logo and within the branding itself. I have now gained 200 followers on instagram and have successfully launched multiple sets of products since January this year and have lots more planned throughout the year! If you want to check my products out at www.katchee.co.uk or use the shop link from the menu above.


Selected Work

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Express Yourself ArtsBranding, Social media, Print

That Toy ThingBranding, print, social media

Charlie BrodieBranding, print, social media

Visit From The Stork CICBranding, print, social media

Bump & FamilyBranding

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All images Copyright Kern & Bond 2019

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