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Reaper’s Guild is a start-up community Interest company based in Leicester. They aim to help men aged 18 to 50 with their mental health. This is done through group and individual talking therapy, walking, sports and exercise.

 The client came to us to help them start their brand, needing a complete brand identity, social media presence and advertising materials. The goal was to launch a mental health brand which was different from all the rest. The icon was made up from a mountain, a compass and tridents, which were all chosen for their meanings, a mountain represents the mountainous task getting better seems like with mental health, as well as representing the walking and talking aspect of the therapy sessions, the compass represents a direction the company can give you in your life, and the tridents represent going to war and battling against mental health, and the support the company could provide in terms of this.

 The brand is set to launch in early 2020.

reapers guild logo
reapers guild ad 1
reapers guild ad 2

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