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That Toy Thing

That Toy Thing


That Toy Thing is a project run by Visit From The Stork CIC, (who I have also worked with for their rebrand last year). I was approached by the client to create a new brand Identity for their new project. The main objective was to create an identity that would attract customers and show the values of the brand, ethical, playful and bold.

The requirements for the logo and branding were to have a playful, childlike feel and to appeal to parents and children alike through the use of bold, bright colours and patterns. I worked closely with directors Kim and Rachel, creating various mood boards and collecting a varied range of inspiration.

 For the logo I explored various ideas, from typographic layouts to shapes and illustrations of toys, but the client and I both agreed that this was too cliché and was too similar to the brand’s competitors, who use toys in their main branding. The idea that was eventually used as the final logo spanned from my initial research into imagery for toys and what makes a child want to play with a toy, remembering toys I used to love as a child (before ipad’s were a thing). The final logo was inspired by the Bauhaus movement (where they used a lot of flat shapes and colours in their work).

 The logo will be used across multiple touchpoints, including social media, on their website, packaging, on print materials and even as a wrap on their own delivery van. The brand is due to launch online in early 2020.

facebook page mockup for that toy thing
that toy thing pattern
ttt van vinyl
ttt bag
ttt business card

Selected Work

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All images Copyright Kern & Bond 2019

All images Copyright Kern & Bond 2019

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